Samagra ID Portal apply for a Samagra ID online

Samagra ID Portal Unlocking Opportunities

Samagra ID Portal The Samagra Portal, pioneered by the Madhya Pradesh government, serves as a crucial resource for residents. This portal bestows a unique Samagra ID upon every citizen, facilitating registration on the comprehensive platform. The data shared by citizens is securely stored with the government.

For Madhya Pradesh residents who haven’t registered on the Samagra Portal yet, initiating the registration process opens the gateway to a plethora of government schemes. Possessing a Samagra ID is indispensable for every resident of Madhya Pradesh, unlocking a world of opportunities.

samagra id portal
samagra id portal

Official Website

  1. Official WebsiteEmbark on your journey by visiting the official website. The gateway to endless possibilities awaits!
  2. e-KYCUncover the magic of seamless registration with the e-KYC process. Your digital identity is just a few clicks away!
  3. SPR LoginStep into the SPR portal and unlock a realm of personalized services. Your account is the key to a world tailored just for you!
  4. Profile UpdateShape your digital presence by updating your profile. Stay on the cutting edge by keeping your information up-to-date!
  5. Latest Govt JobsExplore exciting opportunities in the realm of government jobs. Your future career could be just a click away!

Empowering Citizens – Samagra ID Registration Steps

Embark on a journey to register on the Samagra Portal and harness the benefits of various government services:

  1. Visit the official website. Go to the official website to begin the registration process. You can find the website at:
  2. Complete the seamless e-KYC process. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the e-KYC process. Make sure to provide accurate information and necessary documents.
  3. Login to the SPR portal for personalized services. After completing the e-KYC process, log in to the SPR portal using your credentials. This will give you access to personalized services and features.
  4. Stay updated by regularly updating your profile information. Keep your profile information up-to-date to receive the latest updates and personalized notifications. Log in to your account regularly to check for any changes.
  5. Download eligibility certificates effortlessly. Explore the portal to find the section for eligibility certificates. Download your certificates with ease for your records or future reference.

Samagra ID – Your Key to Government Initiatives

The Samagra ID, a 9-digit identifier provided through the Madhya Pradesh Samagra Portal, is as essential as the Aadhar card for citizens. This unique ID enables residents to avail themselves of government schemes and services tailored by the state.

Upon successful registration on the Samagra Portal, citizens receive their unique Samagra ID. There are two types of Samagra IDs – Primary and Secondary, each serving distinct purposes. Regularly checking and linking your Samagra ID with Aadhar ensures uninterrupted access to services.

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Samagra ID Portal
Samagra ID Portal

Purpose of Samagra ID

The primary purpose of Samagra ID, initiated by the Madhya Pradesh government, is to provide a unique identifier to citizens. This ID facilitates access to various state-run services and prevents repetitive registrations for different schemes. Registered citizens contribute to a database that aids the government in initiating new services, welfare programs, and assessments.

Benefits of Samagra ID

  • Essential for creating various identity documents.
  • Mandatory for government job applications.
  • Enables access to all government welfare schemes.
  • Streamlines application processes for citizens.
  • Facilitates periodic verification for ID holders.

Samagra ID Benefits in Detail

Education Scholarships through Samagra Portal

Samagra Id Portal MP online
Samagra Id Portal MP online

Madhya Pradesh government provides scholarships to economically weaker students for better education. Through the Samagra Portal, students can apply for scholarships, fostering educational growth.

Insurance Coverage

The state government initiates various insurance schemes for low-income individuals. Samagra-registered families can avail coverage for their entire family post unfortunate events.

Schemes for Differently-abled Individuals

Differently-abled and mentally challenged individuals registered under Samagra ID can benefit from specific welfare schemes, including social security pensions and financial aid.

Senior Citizen Pensions

Senior citizens can now access pension services conveniently through online portals, streamlining the process and ensuring timely benefits.

Women Empowerment Schemes

Madhya Pradesh government has launched schemes for women’s upliftment, and Samagra ID plays a crucial role in availing benefits. Some notable schemes include Kanya Abhibhavak Pension Yojana, Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme, and Chief Minister Marriage Incentive Scheme.

Food Security Schemes

Underprivileged individuals facing food, water, and shelter scarcity can benefit from schemes such as BPL Family Registration and Management System and the Annapurna Scheme through the Samagra Portal.

Documents Required for Samagra ID

For Samagra ID registration, citizens need the following documents:

Document Type Description
10th-grade mark sheet Official record of academic performance in the 10th grade.
Aadhar card Unique identification card issued by the government of India.
Ration card Official document that entitles the holder to obtain subsidized food and other goods.
PAN card Permanent Account Number, a unique alphanumeric identifier issued by the Income Tax Department.
Passport Official document issued by the government, certifying the holder’s identity and citizenship.
Driving license Official document permitting an individual to drive a motor vehicle.
Medical Board-issued disability certificate Certificate issued by a Medical Board indicating the level of disability.
Voter ID Official document that serves as proof of identity and eligibility to vote.


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Samagra ID Online Registration: How to Register Online in Madhya Pradesh

Any citizen of Madhya Pradesh can apply for a Samagra ID online. Registration can be done either online or offline. For offline registration, visit the Gram Panchayat, Janpad Panchayat, Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam), Municipal Council (Nagar Palika), or Municipal Panchayat in your area or the district office.

Follow the detailed process below for Samagra ID Online Registration:

  1. Visit the official website your web browser and navigate to
  2. On the homepage, find the option for “Family Registration” and click on it.Look for the “Family Registration” option on the homepage and click to proceed.
  3. If you already have a Samagra ID Card and want to add a new member, click on the link for member registration.If you are adding a new member to an existing Samagra ID, click on the provided link for member registration.
  4. Click on “Register Family” on the homepage.Locate and click on the “Register Family” option on the homepage to initiate the family registration process.
  5. Fill in the required details in the family registration form. Verify the request OTP for new family registration.Complete the family registration form by providing the required details. Verify the OTP (One-Time Password) for new family registration.
  6. Complete the form by providing all necessary information according to the Aadhar card details and upload all required documents.Enter all necessary information in the form, ensuring it matches the details on the Aadhar card. Upload all required documents as specified.
  7. Enter the captcha and submit the application.Enter the captcha code as shown on the screen and submit your family registration application.
  8. After submission, if there are no errors, your Samagra ID Registration will be accepted. You can then download or print it from the Samagra portal.Once the application is successfully submitted and validated, your Samagra ID Registration will be accepted. You can download or print it from the Samagra portal.

Samagra E-Kyc Process

If you already have a Samagra ID and want to perform Samagra E-Kyc, follow these steps:

Samagra ID Portal
Samagra ID Portal
  1. Visit the official website:Go to the official Samagra website. You can access it through the following link: officialwebsite
  2. Follow the instructions on the pop-up:Once on the website, a pop-up or banner may appear with instructions for E-Kyc. Read and follow the instructions provided to proceed with the Samagra E-Kyc process.
  3. Alternatively, click on the E-Kyc option:If there is no pop-up, or if you prefer an alternative method, look for the E-Kyc option in the top right corner of the website. Click on this option to initiate the Samagra E-Kyc process.
  4. Complete your Samagra E-Kyc online:Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your Samagra E-Kyc online. This may involve providing additional information, verifying your identity, or uploading necessary documents as part of the E-Kyc process.

Samagra ID Helpline

If you encounter any issues with the Samagra portal, please contact the helpline using the following information:

Contact Method Contact Details
Phone 0755-2700800
Email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions about Samagra ID

How to View Samagra ID for a Family?

Samagra ID Portal apply for a Samagra ID online

Visit Samagra Portal and search for your Samagra ID using your mobile number. Your family's Samagra ID will be displayed along with the names.

How to Add a Name to Samagra ID?

Samagra ID Portal apply for a Samagra ID online

For adding a new member, click on the "Register Family" option on the homepage. Fill in the details for the new member and complete the registration process.

How to Update Samagra ID Information?

Samagra ID Portal apply for a Samagra ID online

To update your Samagra ID information, log in to the Samagra portal and go to the "Samagra Profile Update" section. Make the necessary changes and submit the updated information.

How to Link Aadhar Card to Samagra ID?

Samagra ID Portal apply for a Samagra ID online

Visit the official website and click on the "e-KYC" option. Enter your Aadhar details as prompted to link your Aadhar card with your Samagra ID.

About Samagra Mission

Samagra ID Portal apply for a Samagra ID online

The Samagra Social Security Mission (SSSM) is a program initiated by the Madhya Pradesh government in 2010. It aims to simplify the delivery of benefits under various schemes to the beneficiaries by integrating all state departments.

What is SSSM ID?

Samagra ID Portal apply for a Samagra ID online

SSSM ID, or Samagra ID, is a unique identification provided to all registered citizens under the Samagra Social Security Mission. It streamlines the process of accessing government services and benefits.

Why is Samagra ID Essential?

Samagra ID Portal apply for a Samagra ID online

Samagra ID is crucial in Madhya Pradesh as it eliminates the need for citizens to repeatedly fill in personal information in various application forms. Additionally, it allows the government to access citizens' data efficiently.

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