Saurav Sharma


Hello my name is Saurav Sharma

Hello my name is Saurav Sharma if you are looking at this page then you must have come here to read my resume
+91 7037458160

Dear HR If I talk to you then let me tell you that since 2019 till date I have created more than 50 websites in which WordPress blog

This is also one of the websites I have created for myself as well as for customers.

I have a lot of design experience in Elementor. I know a little bit about Canva as well as Photoshop Illustrator.

I have also put a lot of videos on YouTube. Experience is html css i know about 1 year javascript i know about 6 months i have just completed my back end development course

which i have done from tech altum from there i have done full stack development course According to the backend language,

I have taken php-mysql jquery with me, I hope you like my job summary

please give feedback by visiting my social link below and You can check more, to contact me, the number email id is also given below.


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