Friends, ATM or Debit card insurance is given

Friends, ATM or Debit card insurance is given

And you will also know that the person holding the ATM card

also gets insurance for free –

but what is this insurance, to what extent is its protection

, after the death of the card holder, how will this insurance claim be received?

Very few people know,

so we felt that this subject should also be covered so that the

general public can get information – that’s

why all these things have been covered in this Post.

In this Post we will talk about basically SBI Debit Card,

the insurance available on Debit Card of other banks is also

almost same, just there may be slight difference in claim amount and requirement


Friends, ATM or Debit card insurance is given

either by card provider company like Mastercard, Visa,

Rupay etc.

or both bank and card provider company together –

the first thing to understand in this insurance is

that it is accidental insurance. It means that if there has

been any death due to accident or if there

has been any permanent disability,

then only the cover of this insurance can be got

, there is no meaning of debit card insurance in the mater of normal death.

People reach different platforms

to claim even normal death after taking information about insurance,

so do not do this because this claim will be payable only in the accident’s maters.

The second important thing is that what will be the conditions for the

claim and what will

be the claim amount, then the claim amount is different for each type of card –

Talking about SBI, SBI Gold Card,

Friends ATM or Debit card insurance is given
Friends ATM or Debit card insurance is given

Platinum Card in SBI , Premium Card and Signature Card are prevalent out of which

Gold Card offers insurance of 2,00,000,

Platinum Card 5,00,000, Premium Business Card also

5,00,000 insurance

and SBI Signature Debit Card 10 ,00,000

and if there is any death in air accident then

this amount becomes double i.e. the

amount received in the form of claim on death due to air accident

will be from Rs.4,00,000 to Rs.20,00,000.

But this is available only when

the card holder uses that card regularly,

it should not happen that when the account is opened, the

card was found with him but just brought it into the house

and did not use it. In any case, in

order to make a claim, it is necessary

that the card has been used within a period of ninety days prior to the date of the accident, otherwise

this insurance coverage will not be available.

And double claim in the air accident mater will be available only if you

have got the flight ticket using the same debit card as the flight for

which the accident happened.

If you have Rupay debit card of SBI,

then the insurance cover will be from Rs 1 to 2 lakh

but it is necessary to use the card in the first 45 days of the death of the accident


It is not necessary that you have used the card only at ATM, but if the

card is used for any online transaction,

then you will get accidental insurance cover.

Apart from this, if you do any shopping with a debit card,

then you also get purchase protection.

The claim of purchase protection insurance is available when

you have made any purchase with the card

and within ninety days of shopping if that item of yours is stolen from home or from your

vehicle –

Rs 5000 on purchase protection amount Gold card, Platinum card Rs.

50,000 on Premium Business Card

and Rs. 1,00,000 on Signature Debit Card. There is

also another Salary Package Account.

If you have taken a Debit Card on Salary Package Account,

then Purchase Protection Insurance cover is Rs. 2,00,000.

get up to

Now the most important thing is that how will the claim of debit card insurance be done,

so friends, keep in mind that the FIR of the accident must be done

because it will be the most important document

for the claim. In case of any accidental death or

disability, you will get the claim form from the same bank which you have to

fill in, along with copy of FIR, charge sheet or

FR, copy of panchnama, post mortem report etc.

and the person making the claim who is the accountant. In the event of the death of the holder, the account

holder is the nominee or the heir of the deceased person

, you have to file the claim by attaching their ID, bank details etc.


The claim is settled within 90 days of filing a general claim

and the money is credited to the beneficiary’s account. There

is no specific rule about the number of days after the claim accident,


but the claim should be filed as soon as possible,

if the claim is delayed by more than three to four months, then the

insurance company will also on this basis. Claim can be rejected.


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