Interview questions and answers for freshers

Interview questions and answers for freshers

Hello, my name is Saurav. when you apply
for the job and you have been called for an interview,

There are various questions that are asked
And the better prepared you are, the more

Your interview will be successful. Well,
You may have come across different positions

Online that talk about the most common interviews
Question and Answer. this post will

a little different because it’s not fair
About questions and answers, we’re going

to chat. I’m also going to explain what exactly
The Interviewer Thinks When He’s Asking Certainly

questions. What exact answers is he looking for and what are the common mistakes you usually make?

The first and most common question that is asked
by the interviewer, is to tell me something

about himself or he may also ask,

interview questions for freshers

interview questions for freshers

Who let me run through your CV?

here now

the interviewer isn’t really interested in you
Answer. What they see is your confidence,

Your enthusiasm and the passion you respond
with. So it’s the best time you show up

with your communication skills. now usually
I have seen many people say at the end,

ah I like to watch movies I guess I love
partying I have a lot of friends, so I really

have a party. no, it’s not the right way
that you answer this question. What you

need to talk about is your education, where
you’ve grown up or you can even talk about your

previous work experience if you have any, and
your personal interests. For example, you

can say, ah well I grew up in France and
I studied accounting. I worked for one

accounting firm for about eight months and
I really enjoy numbers, so maybe it’s okay

Cause, I like to solve them. solution
They are very funny and in my spare time,

I really like to read and even go jogging
Only if the weather allows me to. so it is

How would you answer this question?

A second most popular question that is asked
By an interviewer, what are your strengths?

Now here’s the interviewer looking at how
Think positive about yourself. it’s cool

a general question, no right or a
this is the wrong answer, but if you give a

Liner like, oh, I’m a very friendly person,
I like to be with people and people like to be

with me. It just doesn’t look great
for an interview. that’s it so what can you say

Well, my strongest attribute is attention to detail.
I completely believe in planning and execution.

actually, when I was in college I still used to
actually organize my week, and many people,

Because of my very outgoing nature. a lot of people
Said I’m quite approachable, so

I believe this is my strength.

The third most common question that is asked
So, what are your weaknesses? here for

this question, you don’t really need to be negative
about yourself. I have heard people say,

Well I’m a very impatient person or people
It is also said that I get angry easily. That

Not the correct answer. Maybe this is your weakness
But you don’t have to bring it out. best answer

For this, because what the interviewer is looking for
This is whether you can identify your weakness

And how can you cover it? so one of
Examples that you can use to answer this

The question is, I think my weakness is that I
I am very detail-oriented. I try to finish

everything and I just wanna be everything
Perfect, but then I realize I’m lost

out on time, so I might have to submit
These projects are too late. so I think

One of the weaknesses. So here basically,
What are you doing, you are showing

your time may run out, but your
Giving it a very positive aspect too that,

You are a perfectionist. and it’s absolutely
what we saw as a force in the past

Question too. so I guess it’s one of them
Best way to answer this question.

The next common question that is asked is,
where do you see yourself in five years

Now or the interviewer may also ask,
what is your long-term or short term

target? Now here, I’ve seen people really struggle
To answer this question. Well, probably because

You yourself do not know where you will go
like to be, so usually, people say in the end,

oh I would like to be the CEO of this company
Or I would like to own an airline. It’s not like that

That looks right, so what’s a good answer
to the question, because here the interviewer

sees how committed you are to this company? a very clear path with

Commitment, because you know what an accident
rate these days. So he wants to know, how

How long will you stick with the company? so one
of the best answer you can give

ho, well, five years from now, I guess i will
Prefers to be in a management position.


unless so i Tour company? Now he
Here of course the interviewer has the knowledge

About your company, isn’t it? that he is working
for, but what he’s looking for is whether

Are you serious about this job or not? either
you came for one of those random

Interview? a lot of people usually let go
down, due to a lack of research about

the company, so what you need to do is research.
Learn about positive attributes by going online

About the company. Know about their product
His history and etc. So one of the best

ways to answer this question
is your company very famous

for customer service and you win too
Best Service Provider Award in

Country. and yes you have
a great customer, so this is one of the best

How can you answer this question?

The sixth most common question that is asked is,
How well do you handle a change? thoroughly

To know the philosophy behind this question,
Will you be able to cope with the change?

Because usually companies definitely come
With different strategies, employees come

And go, can you handle it?
People usually say, oh absolutely,

I am great at handling a change. good faith
I will not impress the interviewer

with this answer. How can you answer this?
The question will be with an example. Well,

Surely I can handle a change, because in
my previous company, one of our bosses, a

our immediate bosses had to leave
was it the new boss who came and was

One project completely changed our strategy.
So of course, I’m very flexible and hardworking

also, so we managed it with the efforts of our team
And of course the results were great.

so you can answer like this
this question.

The next common question that is asked is,
How well do you work under pressure? Now he

The reason for this question is the employer
or the interviewer wants to know if you

Get really stressed? do you really get
Afraid of pressure? because these days

Companies, of course, expect you to take more
responsibility and of course a bigger

workload. So the best way to answer this
The question is is it working?

Just works without pressure or pressure
Same for me. actually one of the companies

I was working on a project that
we were given to do

in four days. which usually takes ten days
And the whole team is under a lot of stress,

they panicked and didn’t know what
to do, but then I insured they settled

Below. we prioritized our work and really
In a very systematic way, we accomplished

Project. Of course, we also worked late at night,
But it certainly helped to submit our project

in four days. so i think working under pressure
Not too bad for me. so this is one of them

Best way to answer this question.

The last common question that is asked is,
How do you make important decisions? Now he

The reason behind this question is usually,
If someone or the interviewer is hiring

The person or recruiting you for a management position
Or for a higher position. he wants to know

Someday when you have to handle a very important task,
A very important decision. how you will

He? so many people say at the end, you know
which I haven’t really come, I really

Haven’t faced such difficult situations.
This is not the correct answer you would say,

one of the best answers i can help you
With, you can say, decisions have to be handled

seems a bit difficult
But I’m sure I can do it, because that’s my experience.

I’ll trust my experience, I too
Weigh in on the pros and cons. yes absolutely

Get some advice from my team members too
And I’m sure it will help me to come forward

a decision. We will also look at the consequences of the decision.

So of course I can go ahead and make a decision.

so this brings me
End of this lesson. I hope all these questions

And the answers are helpful for your interview.
And if you are going for an interview. desire

All the best to you all. do well and I will
See you soon in the next lesson. take care.

Thank you.

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