Software Developer Learn Most In-Demand Skills

Friends, demand for software development

from 2019 to 2029 That means in 10 years, It is predicted as 22%. This is considered a better growth rate than any job. If we talk about freelance software developers, Then from $250/hour to $850 hourly rate is charged. Then if you are interested in this field, And want to become a software developer So for you in this Post, Very good information, Suggestions & 3 free courses are mentioned.

These courses are from the best free courses on google. So you will learn many things from it. Along with that we have suggested some youtube channels, From there you can learn important skills. So without any further delay, Let’s get started. To enter the software development field, Many people hesitate a lot.

Because their educational background is different. Or they don’t have degrees in that field. But friends, Studies tell that, In the last 1-2 years Many few companies Are doing selection on basis of degree and certification. That things are secondary now. It is concluded from one research that, In the hiring process of companies, the most important factor Is very different. And that is a willingness to learn. This means without a degree With your skills and knowledge You can secure the job you like.


Hirers with your learning attiutde And according to latest technology Concentrate more on upgradation. Now lets see a brief on software development. And all the skills that you should learn. Who is a software developer? We can understand this in a very easy way. Software developer understands companies needs Design application or software and develop it.

Software Developer Learn Most In-Demand Skills
Software Developer Learn Most In-Demand Skills

Computer programs that run

on the operating systems Software developers work on them. So basically they need to take care of system efficiency. And has to design properly. Those softwares and applications, User friendly and to keep them updated is very important. And that’s why software developers, Play a important role for businesses and companies.

In software development there are different areas. Which developers can choose as per their interest. For example, System developer Front end developer, backend developer Andriod developer, Full stack developer,etc. Between software developer & web developer The main difference is Software developer are mainly Are interested in making mobile & desktop software. Whereas web developers, Are interested in making websites and web applications That works on internet browser. Their pay scales vary according to experience & skills.

On beginner level a software developer Earns 4 lakhs per anum. With some experience salary becomes 5-7 Lakhs per anum. Skills required. Now lets talk about those skills That are necessary to be a software developer. You must have heard from engineering or technical field people. Before our begginners listen to the skills and Gets demotivated I will tell you an interestig thing.

According to research majority of world’d software developers Are fully or at some extent are self trained. It means after degree, Mainly everyone through self teaching option Made themselves ready for software development. Computer programming and coding. First skill is Computer programming and coding. This is a major skill to become a software developer. You must learn some pogramming languages properly. Like Javascript, Python, Java, HTML, CSS C++, Ruby ,etc. The most used programming langaunge among this is Javascript.

49.47% usage is present of this language. As compared to other programming languages. Next is Data structure and algorithm knowledge. From this skills your problem solving & coding skills Both can be found out.

And so nowdays it is one of the priortized skills of companies. Many material related to this is available online. Apart from this there are some more skills, Like knowledge of operating system, Testing and networking basics, Data basics ,etc. Also concepts of statistics and mathematics are required. Some soft skills are also necessary. Like logical thinking, communication & problem solving. Friends this is a vast field. Where in every skill there are small things.

So it is necessary to choose wholesome course So that at beginner level you can learn all this needed skills. But don’t worry. All these skills can be learned for free. So for your help we have found some good courses. Friends before moving forward, Let me add one more thing. For all of you their is a golden opportunity. If you are sitting jobless at your home, And are searching job, But you are noot getting the job, Then your this problem can be solved by

Through relevel in this top 50 startups You can get a good salary job very quickly just for free. The process of relevel of applying job Is very unique and interesting. The Google just your right skills,right experience Your creativity and seeing you passion Gives you job without degree, Similarly in that way, Relevel does the same work. Actually, on relevel you will have to give an online test. In which these 5 rounds will be conduted.

5 days after giving the test Your relevel score result will be declared. If your relevel score is more than 700 Then you pass this test. But if it is less than you can give again and increase your score. On the base of the score, Company will select you. One more interesting thing is After giving test and you score more than 700 & qualify test, Then this people make a professional portfolio on relevel.

This is a portfolio, With which any company

can be impressed. Some companies just by seeing relevel score, hires directly. Currently on relevel these 3 types of test are going on. Your age must be minimum 18. If you are a fresher than too its okay. Also, 3 years experienced candidates can also apply. Whether you are just 10th pass,12 th pass Undergraduate or postgraduate Or passout fresher, Learned from any college. You all can apply.

Just the job you want to apply in, To do that you must right key skills and knowledge So that you can pass the test. On the basis of your skills to get job in these top companies, You must not miss such best opportunity. Registration link is in description. Let’s move towards 3 best free courses or course packages That can train you in these skills. Number

1. Coursera Coursera is offering one of the best beginner courses By university of Minnesota In this software development processes And methodology will be provided. All friends this course related Four courses series is also available. After that you can continue the further courses. If you like it. To set your foundation, This is a perfect choice.

In this many concepts with clarity Will help you in future planning. This course has got 4.7 stars rating. Definitely once read its description. Maybe this can get you started. Number 2. Code Academy. This website in the field of software development Provides very good courses. In this you will get basic courses. For programming languages like Java, C#, Python , etc Testing and app creation courses are also available here. On this website introductory courses, And intermediate courses both can be found. So read course description carefully.

And definitely check Pre requisite knowledge Will be required for that particular course? On screen you can see some courses in them. Number 3. W3Schools. If you want to do expertise in programming langauage Then you can checkout courses on this website. Here you won’t get Post lectures, But you will content in form of text and visuals. In this you will see content in very easy language. Along with that with help of examples and interesting information You can learn efficiently

. In these courses, For every programming language

From begginer to intermediate level All the things can be seen. In this courses, try it yourself feature is also available. Where you yourself can apply those concepts. On this website Javascript, Html, Python, CSS and many programming langauges Are available to learn. Friends apart from these courses, We would like to suggest some youtube learning sources. Our first suggestion is “Code With Harry” youtube channel.

Here every programming language, coding and for other skills You will get Posts in hindi. These are very informative Posts. And notes are also provided for you. Another good channel is “Gate smashers”. Here you can learn other skills. Operating systems, Data structure Databases, Discrete mathematics,etc Related Posts are be available here.

Our suggestion will be

, First do a introductory course. Or from youtube, Make your understanding related to software development. With youtube you can almost learn all skills, According to your language preference. After that when you basics and concepts are strong Then join latest intermediate and advanced level courses. Because of it your skill be more polished.

And you will be in touch with new trends. Friends one thing is clear, To learn software development You don’t need expensive investments. Degree and certificate is not complusory But it is feasible for you, and If you want software development To make your long time career. Then you can take education in this field.

Otherwise, start by learning from free courses, You can get ready to start your career. Later from reputed sources and institutions You can do certifications. So friend this was our today’s Post. Where we shared information for software developer begginer. If you liked this Post, Then do subscribe to our channel. And such new courses. webinars, etc To know about it, Also subscribe to our skillsiya telegram channel. Also like and share this Post So that we can bring more good content. We will meet you in next Post. Until then Bye Bye.

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