Why Every 12th Indian IAS officer comes from Bihar state

Why Every 12th Indian IAS officer comes from Bihar state

Why is this?

See 28 Indian states and 8 union territories

Bihar is not performing satisfactorily

Bihar is at or near the last position in various important parameters of India

Here is a statement from NITI Aayog

Half of Bihar’s population is not only poor but multidimensionally poor

It means parameters like education, health, the threat of violence, quality of life, etc.

Bihar’s performance poor on all parameters

Hence, the puzzle of Bihar that produces so many IAS officers becomes more interesting.

Take this post as an idea starter

that means I’m going to tell you some facts

But I’ll make you think deeply

So let me ask you the first question

What is the job according to you?

It is defined in very simple terms by International Labor Laws

Any work or work from which you get money or profit is a job

but it’s not that straight

If that was the case, you could do anything for money.

but it doesn’t

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Which job do you choose?

Every 12th Indian IAS officer comes from Bihar state
Every 12th Indian IAS officer comes from Bihar state

depends on many parameters

And if we solve the puzzle of these parameters

Then we will easily know why so many IAS officers are born in Bihar.

So, the first question

What is the mindset of your family or parents?

Let’s see it in Bihar

In general, our parents are still living with the mindset of people in their 70s or 80s.

They think, our country has the most agriculture

Or some jobs are offered by private companies that can fire you anytime

Get a government job, and your whole life is safe and stable

After the liberalization of 1991, the perception of the people changed a lot in our country for this.

But Bihar could not change its perception

Look, 10 years after 1991

More than 70% of the rural population in Bihar was dependent on agriculture for their livelihood.

This means that the penetration of the service sector in the rural population was almost zero.

Bihar’s urbanization rate is 10%

So the service sector which was covering the urban areas

was not covering a large population of Bihar

Now, you would think that the agriculture sector in Bihar must be performing exceptionally

not at all

Smallholdings are prevalent in Bihar

Therefore, fewer investments give less output.

So many families are in deficit or deficit

and allied industries of agriculture such as sugar

Bihar is ahead in the competition

Earlier Bihar used to produce 40% of the total sugar produced in India.

But now it has been reduced to only 4%

the reason behind this is

Out of a total of 22 mills, 17 mills have closed their operations.

Corruption and politics

Now, the industrial sector is left

a look at its condition

When Bihar was reorganized

When Bihar was separated from Jharkhand

The industrial sector contributed 24% to Bihar

But after partition, this too has come down to only 4%.

Now, you are standing in an Indian state

Where the industrial sector is suffering, the service sector is limited to urban areas, and agriculture is also not performing satisfactorily.

if you are a parent

What will your children do in the future?

You will only ask them to do government jobs

As this is the only job opportunity here in Bihar

There is no opportunity for them in other areas

Another factor that decides what job you’ll do

what is your family’s financial condition?

It means the financial condition of your family

This is also very bad in Bihar.

A survey revealed that

During the 1980s, it took almost 20 years for a person across the country to double his salary

But at that time it had been 63 years in the case of Bihar.

And it was much more than the life expectancy of the people of Bihar.

This means that a resident of Bigar cannot double his salary in his entire life.

Even today the situation has not improved

Bihar has the highest poverty rate among all Indian states

and because of that when one needs social mobility

or a good economic stability

then people would not have money in their house

they end up with the same purpose

study hard and get a government job

And Bihar has a deep connection with education

Great universities like Vikramshila and Nalanda were in Bihar

where the acceptance rate was only 20%

This means it was very difficult to get into these universities

The ancient culture of education exists in Bihar

And that culture still exists today

Where people tell children to just study and make their future bright

And so the people of Bihar are more interested in education and government jobs

Another factor that decides which job you will go for

are your childhood heroes

that means when you’re growing up

Then who are the heroes recognized by your society?

People in Gujarat think that businessmen are the most respected people

We will get down to business keeping our financial position afloat

The situation in Bihar is completely the opposite.

top grade or top rank students

don’t come from high-class families

For them, IAS officers are projected as real heroes

So, many students want to become an IAS officers.

Watch some interviews of class 10th or 12th toppers from 2019 to 2022

All these students want to become IAS officers

Another factor that decides your job

power hungry

This hunger for power comes from many reasons

Bihar has a historical context for this hunger for power.

When the revolt of 1857 took place in Bihar under the British Empire

Then the British started describing against the people of Bihar

Earlier the British used to appoint many army officers from Bihar.

But they stopped it after the rebellion

The British started recruiting people from other states to various posts in the army.

And the people of Bihar faced this discrimination.

In addition, revenue share
The lowest was 32 percent for the Bengal constituency

and Bengal Presidency was joined with Bihar

When Bengal Presidency was separated from Bihar

Then a center was made in Patna to look after Bihar.

All the officers posted in that administrative center were Bengali.

And because of this, the people of Bihar developed an interest in profiles related to Power

If somehow we manage to get into these profiles then we can regain the glory of our kingdom

There is another context of power in the context of Bihar.

who comes from the feudal mindset

Bihar is called the bastion of feudal mentality.

and the zamindari system ignited this whole situation

The class of the people was determined by the Zamindari system.

widened with the passage of time

and caste-based discrimination which is very prevalent in North India

everyone is well aware

And because of this all such people who have been victims of any caste or class-based discrimination

felt that when it came to power

then everyone will respect us

And so NC Asthana who is a retired IAS officer says that

The feudal mentality has formalized this whole situation.

There is another episode of this hunger for power

which is quite recent

you must remember

In the 1980s or 90s, the Bihar government was called Jungle Raj.

This is not told by me at all, it was told by the High Court of Bihar

Reading Leader. the whole generation has grown up

who was called Bahubali, who came from a criminal background

Incidents of kidnapping and theft were common

that generation thinks it should change

And corruption also adds to all this

A survey showed that 75% of people have offered bribes for some work

the whole system is corrupt

So, the generation that grew up reading all this

either think of changing this whole situation

or if we want to survive in this scenario

then we have to reach some position of power

So that our family and children stay away from this dirty situation

And so big population of Bihar not only prefer a government job

But also aim to achieve the top position

But the sad truth is even after producing so many IAS officers

The situation in Bihar is not improving

Bihar’s performance poor on various parameters

And let me tell you an irony

The posting of IAS officers from Bihar is always outside Bihar.

So there is a shortage of IAS officers in Bihar itself.

someone told the truth

A lamp is lit to illuminate its surroundings but darkness falls beneath it.

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